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Nov 1, 2019

Drilled down analytics comparisons with “league averages” whether good or bad are really less important than analytics comparisons with the top teams way above 500 that the Leafs are likely going to have to beat to win the Cup. League average comparisons place the measurement media bar way too low and understate what really has to get improved RIGHT NOW. Of the 14 games the Leafs have played to be 6-5-3, the 5 wins came against teams at or below 500 and all 5 losses came against teams over 500. So, the good analytics results against the poorer teams will distort the more realistic poorer results against the better teams that really matter. There is not much to learn from misleading good results. A false sense of security. The faster the Leafs coaches and players realize that to have a goals for minus goals against differential at 0 (49 minus 49) is unacceptable the better. Look at the top teams’ goal differentials in comparison. Stay positive but get real.

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