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November 11, 2019



Goal # 1

At first glance you see a deflection off Ceci’s stick which changes the puck’s direction and speed and finds its way through the 5 hole and in. Now let’s back the play up.

The Hawks initially carry the puck out of their zone while the Leafs are changing giving the Hawks full easy access to the Nzone (mistake #1). Then the Hawks shoot the puck in around the Leafs net from right to left looking at the Leafs end with Reilly playing left D and Ceci playing right D. Ceci hesitates going hard to the corner to win the puck first maybe thinking Reilly will cross over and do it, but instead the Hawk forechecker gets there first(mistake # 2) and reverses the puck to his teammate leaving Ceci covering the original puck carrier and out of the play. Now Spezza is coming back casually into that same corner and plays contain on the Hawk forward coming out of the corner(mistake #3) giving him time and space to make a pass which hits someone and the Hawk forward gets the puck again and passes to Kane uncovered across ice(mistake #4). This is Reilly’s man and he has coverage but Ceci decides to leave his check in front of the net (mistake #5) to move towards Kane. Kane sees his teammate (Ceci’s check) wide open in front and tries to pass to him, hits Ceci’s stick which should not have been there and Ceci deflects the puck into the net( mistake # 6). Hutchinson could have reacted better and recovered from the deflection(mistake # 7). No one is talking about the other 6 mistakes.

Goal # 2

Faceoff is to the left of Hutchinson in Leafs zone. Tavares wins it cleanly back to Muzzin who sees Kapanen flying the zone on the far right side across ice. Muzzin tries to lift a high pass over the middle of the ice but it doesn’t get over the left D of the Hawks who gloves it down at the leafs blueline(mistake #1).Kapenan does not read that this pass is way short and does not cover their D now with the puck (mistake # 2). The Hawk D moves in, takes a shot, which produces a large rebound (mistake # 3) to an uncovered Hawk forward (Moore’s coverage) who scores. Muzzin’s huge turnover.

Goal # 3

Off the centre ice faceoff just after the Hawks scored, 2 Leafs jump forward anticipating a faceoff win but the Hawks pick up the puck behind the Leafs centre(mistake #1). The Hawks line crosses the Leafs blueline and go in 3 on 5. Leafs D back in playing contain (mistake # 2). Kane holds back in the slot with the puck. Spezza cruises towards him giving him time and space. Kane shoots/fans hitting Dermott’s stick, gets the puck back on the backhand and scores untouched (mistake # 3). Hutchinson out cutting he angle but got beat(mistake # 4).

Goal # 4

Power play 4 on 3 (mistakes # 1 and 2 for getting penalties). Faceoff to the right of Hutchinson won by Hawks (mistake #3) who pass back and forth trying to get the Leafs to break the tight triangle or inverted triangle structure as the puck is moved around. Reilly obliges by  following the Hawk puck carrier too far to the middle from Reilly’s side (mistake #4)only to have the Hawk puck carrier pass off to the weak side and then immediately back to the coverage Reilly left(Toews) breaking the inverted triangle. Toews scored. Hutchinson could have made an unbelievable save by anticipating this play but that’s asking a lot.

Goal # 5

Puck in Hawks zone shot around to the blueline on Reilly’s side. Reilly keeps it in as Moore covers for the pinch as the Leafs press for the tying goal with time running out. The Leafs lose puck possession and the Hawks break out 3 on 2 with a forward playing D (mistake #1)and with Reilly trying to catch up. Dermott challenges the Hawk puck carrier high around the Leafs blue line with no stick on puck (mistake #2), puck passed by Dermott. Now a 2 on 1 with Reilly slightly behind his man streaking to the net but Reilly is capable of getting ahead of his coverage with his speed but does not (mistake #3). Reilly lets up a bit putting his stick over the Hawks forward stick from behind. The puck is passed across and in front to Reilly’s man. The puck hits the Hawks forward skate and goes in somehow (mistake #4).

Hutchinson gets put on waivers.

No harm in trying a new backup goalie if he’s better but don’t expect him to walk on water as Andersen has lately if the Leafs keep making so many mistakes in their own end and elsewhere: not first to pucks enough, giving too much time and space, turning the puck over, losing faceoffs, many not finishing checks, giving up more Grade “A” scoring chances than they get to name a few.

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